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What's New:

Now accepting new orders.

Now accepting orders for Wilson Combat EDC X9 (with and without light rail)

 3/10/18- Two new 1911 (4.25" bbl) holsters added to "Ready to Ship" page

1/10/18- New 1911 (5"bbl) added to "Ready to Ship" page

11/17/17- New 1911 (3" bbl) holster added to "Ready to Ship" page

8/22/17- New 1911 (5" bbl) holsters added to "Ready to Ship" page

8/1/17- New 1911 Commander Holster added to "Ready to Ship" page

6/9/17- Now taking orders for S&W 686 w/ 4" bbl

6/9/17- Now taking orders for Springfield Armory XD-E

4/22/17- New Glock 43 Holster added to "Ready to Ship" page

3/16/17- Now taking orders for Glock 30S

7/6/16- Now taking orders for H&K VP9 and VP40

7/5/16- Now taking orders for Kimber Solo

*If you're expecting an email from me and haven't received a reply, double check your spam/junk box. Be sure to add overlandgunleather.com to your "safe sender list"*

    Overland Gunleather is a small custom shop that provides high quality handcrafted  holsters and accessories. 
    I am  a one man shop, which gives me the flexibility to be truly "custom". If you have an idea of what you want, but don't see it here, or if you want to personalize something you do see here (holster ride height, cant, etc.), e-mail me with your idea. I'll sure try to accommodate you.  
    I am constantly upgrading and adding to the line so if you don't see it, ask for it! If I get a holster request for a pistol for which I currently don't have the "dummy gun", I will generally try to buy the blank and add it to the lineup.      
 Please see  "Supported Gun Models" for available holster builds.
   On a personal note, I would like to thank Matt Del Fatti, of  Del Fatti Leather, who took the time to evaluate one of my holsters.
   I consider him to truly be one of the greastest leather craftsman in the industry, and greatly appreciate the advice and suggestions he has given me.
Thanks, Matt.
Adam Bon
Overland Gunleather
St. Louis, MO

 *Carrying a firearm is a huge responsibility. Before making the decision to do so, I highly recommended you seek proper training in firearm handling and operation.*