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Belt Holsters


A classic Pancake holster based on a style originally designed by Roy Baker.

Shown with standard optional reinforcement panels.


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Shown with optional full lining and elephant trim


Designed with a lower ride, and easy "on/off" convenience in mind,
the SBL takes takes it's inspiration from the late Bruce Nelson's Patriot holster.
It features two pairs of Directional Snaps for a secure, close fit on your belt.


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Shown with optional exotic trim

Based on Bruce Nelson's "Professional", this style of holster is sometimes called a "Pouch Holster", or scabbard. It has a reinforced mouth and attaches to the belt via a slot and a belt loop stitched on the back of the holster body.


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Similar to model #OGL-NS, and inspired by the Alessi DOJ-S, it utilizes a belt loop and
dual snaps as opposed to the belt slot. This allows for a lower riding holster.


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  • All holsters are available in rough side out on request.
  • Full cowhide lining- $60.00 (Dyed to match exterior color unless specified otherwise).
  • Current Exotics- Holsters and magazine pouches are available in exotic trim accents or full coverage.  At this time, belts are available with trim accents only.  
                      Please contact me if you'd like a specific exotic quote for your build.