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Belts and Accessories

Magazine Pouches


  Single magazine Pouch with snap on belt loop on the rear of the body. 



Single Pancake Style magazine pouch.



Double Magazine Pouch with snap on belt loops on the rear of the body.


Double Layer Gunbelts
  My lined Gunbelts are made of double layer 6/7 oz premium cowhide, and are available in 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" widths.
You have the option of ordering single or double stitching, with Brass or Nickel Plated buckles. 
  The buckles are attached with chicago screws (brass screws for brass buckles, and nickle screws for nickel buckles), so you can always change out the buckle in the future. If you have any questions regarding sizing, please e-mail me.
    When ordering a belt, it it imperative that you follow the directions for belt sizing at the bottom of this page.
I cannot accept returns on belts due to a
mistake in sizing on you
r part

 Buckle Colors:

 All buckles are available in solid Brass or Nickle.


Buckle Styles:


1-1/2" Belt Buckles


1-1/4" Belt Buckles




Gunbelt with a single stitched border 

 Gunbelt with a double stitched border 



Gunbelt with a tapered end.
Available with a 1.75"-1.5", or 1.5"-1.25" taper.

$110.00- Single border stitching

- double border stitching

Belt Sizing 

     Lay your old belt flat on a table or floor and measure from the inside edge of the tip of the buckle (A) to the center of the hole that you wear your belt (B).
     Remember to keep in mind the Inside the Waistband holster or IWB accessories (if applicable) that you will be wearing on your belt and add length as needed. Typically, two inches of extra length will be enough to accomodate an IWB holster, but that is not always true for every individual.
    The most accurate method, is to put on your old belt with all your gear in place. Take note of which belt hole you used and measure to that belt hole. If you currently don't yet have an IWB holster or accessories, you can take your UN-LOADED gun (check it twice, check it again, move all ammo to a different room), magazine, etc. and tuck it into your pants in the position you will be carrying. Once again, if you have ANY doubt about your measurements please e-mail me and we can get it worked out.